October 2016  
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All Day
All Day
11:00AM - 11:45AM
(Sacred Heart Church)
At Sacred Heart School we educate students to be saints and scholars: disciples of Christ and leaders in the community.  We invite your family to learn more about the benefits of a Catholic education by contacting the school at 661-948-3613.
Sacred Heart School shares in the mission of the Catholic Church in educating the whole child to live the Gospel values as they strive for academic success, develop God-centered relationships, and show respect for God.
Sacred Heart School believes:

That as an integral part of the ministry of Sacred Heart Church, the school is dedicated to preparing children to live their faith by word and example.

That every child is made in the image of God and deserving of dignity and respect

That the parents as the primary educators of their children are called to be the spiritual leaders of their families, model Christian virtues, pass on Gospel values, and support and affirm the teachers and staff of Sacred Heart School.

That we strive to educate the whole young person: Spiritually, Academically, Physically, and Socially.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations
A graduate of Sacred Heart School will


1.  Be Like Jesus

 Know my prayers and Bible stories

♥ Show kindness in my thoughts and actions

2.  Take care of God’s world

♥  Be happy that God made us

♥  Know that we are God’s children

3.  Care about others

♥  Give to those in need

♥  Work to make my world a better place

4.  Be a good student

♥  Speak and write clearly

♥  Use what I have learned

♥  Look, try , think, and do

5.  Be ready to learn

♥  Follow directions

♥  Do my own work

♥  Work well with others

6.  Follow the rules

♥  Be a good friend

♥  Love my country

♥  Be a good sport

7.  Be the best I can be

♥  Have fun with music, art, and dance

♥  Share my gifts

8.  Take care of myself

♥  Stay healthy and be happy with myself

Award Winning School Recognition

  • Standardized Test Results are once again schoolwide above average. 
  • Science Olympiad team placed in the top 10 of the 2014 competition. 
  • Academic Decathlon team placed in the top 10% of  120 schools in all the Los Angeles Archdiocese.
  • Mathlete teams scored in the top range and brought home several trophies, including the Chuck Stoll Perpetual Trophy.
  • Congratulations to this year's championship boys' and girls' cross country, basketball, flag football and softball teams. 
  • Congratulations to SHS Junior High students on completing over 110 service hours, during the first trimester, in the Antelope Valley community.
  • 4 out of 5 of the top entry exam scores at Paraclete High School were Sacred Heart students.  We traditionally take this honor each year by having the best prepared students for high school.


Looking for Volunteer Opportunities:
We need volunteers for the following events:

Fall Carnival
See Mrs. Whitten and/or Mrs. Motin for details
Fall Luncheon
See Mrs. Sexton for details
Or call the office 948-3613

See the volunteer link on the Parents tab above

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FAll Luncheon

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gift basket

Fall Luncheon Baskets

The Fall Luncheon is less than a month away and we are still in need of donations to raffle off.  In the past each grade has donated items to create a basket.  It would be great to keep that tradition going.  We ask that each family donate 1-2 items for the baskets if possible.  This is a great way to show support for this wonderful event.  Gift cards in the form of scrip may also be purchased in the office for the baskets.  If the items you purchase are over $10.00 you can earn hours. To earn credit for those hours simply attach your receipt and a filled out yellow volunteer hour slip to the item.  Your hours will be turned into the office.  Each grade will be assigned a theme.  Please see the list below to see what theme your grade has been assigned.


TK: Movie Night (DVD’s, movie tickets, popcorn, candy, gift cards etc.)

Kindergarten:  Italian (pasta, sauce, dipping oil, plates, gift cards etc.)

First Grade: Chocolate (anything chocolate, cookbook, gift cards etc.)

Second Grade: Game Night (games, popcorn, candy, gift cards etc.)

Third Grade: Tea and Coffee (tea/coffee, cups, gift cards etc.)

Fourth Grade: Baking (cake mixes, baking pans, cookbooks, gift cards, etc.)

Fifth Grade:  Gardening (gloves, watering can, seeds, gift cards etc.)

Sixth Grade: Monday Night Football (snacks, dips, chips, gift cards etc.)

Seventh Grade: French (wine, cheese, sausage, wine glasses gift cards etc.)

Eighth Grade: Spa Day (soaps, candles, robes, slippers, gift cards etc.)


The items for the baskets will need to be turned into the classroom by November 3, 2016.



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Thanksgiving Baskets

Thanksgiving ItemsTurkey basket

Mary & Jesus
Mary & Jesus